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In this episode, RJD2 talks about his darkest musical moment, why he'll buy any record with "Philadelphia" songs on it, and why he thinks vinyl will die out with his generation.
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Tune in to's interview with Ty Segall and listen to a myriad of topics discussed, interlaced with music videos & live performances.
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Damu stops by Fat Beats and hits up their drum kit to school us on his history and process when it comes to putting together beats and searching for drum breaks.
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A follow up of Teebs' 2009 record sleeve series, Ante Vos is a collection of 400 album sleeves with guest collaborations.
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A short documentary by Joe Tempesta about the recent vinyl buzz and what a few boston locals (including PrescribedVinyl) feel about the comeback...
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Jack White and Third Man Records succeeded in delivering the World's Fastest Studio-to-Store Record to fans in Nashville! See how we made the magic happen step by step in this video tracking the day's events...
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Follow Andreas Bauer as he presses his own vinyl.
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In the last of our trilogy of short films 'You Need To Hear This' looks back at the rich history of vinyl.
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Stones Throw Records will tour the film in North America with post-screening live performances and a Q&A with Peanut Butter Wolf and/or film director Jeff Broadway
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A sneak peak at the latest album from Beck with a wonderful montage of the painstaking process of cutting the vinyl down to size.
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Checkout the turntablism on this clip with Cut Chemist using some Colemine 45's
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The Orbit is designed and assembled by U-Turn Audio in their Boston area workshop. U-Turn was founded by three vinyl lovers, who brought their idea to Kickstarter in December 2012.
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The album covers are weathered, often with marks or writing from previous owners, and the vinyl discs are usually scratched or warped. The character of each copy, distinctly shaped by its history, is told through the physicality of the media.


"Tell Me What's On Your Mind"

Allah Las - (Innovative Leisure Records | IL-2007)

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"Keep You"

Wild Belle - Keep You - Sandhill Sound (SHS-001)

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